It’s time to level up.

Your great work deserves great wealth.

It’s time to claim work that doesn’t just pay the bills but invests in your spirit. It’s time to offer ideas, design, or service that doesn’t just fix problems but fulfills fantasies.

It’s time to step into leadership in your business and in your market. It’s time to be recognized for what you do best.

Yes, you’re ready. It’s time to level up.

Registration is closed and the program is in session until early 2013.

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Tell me if this sounds familiar:

  • You’ve compromised on your vision to pay the bills.
  • You’ve waffled about price because you’re not attracting the right customers.
  • You’ve felt less-than-challenged by and less-than-excited about your work.
  • You sense you could do your truly great work if only you had the right formula to offer it.

Under many seemingly successful businesses, there is a nagging concern: I know I could do better work.

I want more.

Hallelujah! You have brilliance waiting to be unlocked by the right business model. You have super skills waiting to shine for the right customers. You have abilities waiting to surface for the right brand.

“Make Your Mark has perpetuated a radical change in the way I think about business. As it turned out, I needed a whole new brand to suit me. Now I feel tremendously expansive and ready to play a much bigger game!”
– Lea Meyer, founder Lea Meyer Design Studio

There is a business model that rewards your greatest work with the best customers, the biggest payouts, and the most meaningful execution. We call it Premium.

Registration is closed and the program is in session until early 2013.

Want to get first notice when Make Your Mark opens up again? Just click the button below.

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What is Premium?

Premium is crafting your product or service according to what’s of utmost importance to you and of utmost importance to your customer. It’s dotting every i and crossing every t of your vision. It’s attracting the clients & customers who see their fantasies reflected in what you do.

Stepping into Premium is the key for turning great work into great wealth. That wealth would take the form of great compensation, challenging clients, thought leadership, unparalleled products, and ideal lifestyle. That great work would be constantly evolving and developing.

You can make good money doing work that isn’t your “great work.” You can safely sell a product or service that fits a real need, that customers love. But does it get you closer to true wealth? Does it get you closer to your fullest, best life?

It’s time to make your mark.

Make Your Mark is a group coaching program that walks you through a 9-step process for examining desire. You’ll unlock your own desires. You’ll discover your customers’ desires. And you’ll connect the dots between what you really want and what your customers really want, allowing you to do work on your own terms that also deeply resonates with your customers.

“Adam and Tara have been the most amazing, insightful, and generous mentors that I have had the honor of working with — a seriously amazing team.”
– Sapna Mehra, founder & designer at Sapna Mehra Jewelry

We work in 1.5-2 hour conference calls – 3 weeks on, one week off – for 12 weeks. In the first 45 minutes of the call, we share proven strategies for turning moderately successful businesses into thriving ones through the power of Premium. The last half of the call is our opportunity to work directly with you on your questions, concerns, fears, and big new ideas.

In short, this is our method:


Craft Your Ideal Day – What are you really working towards in your business?
Meet Your New Customers – Who will buy what you have to offer?
Get Familiar with Their Fantasies – How can you give them what they really want?


Hone Your Purpose – How can I build a firm foundation for my offer?
Establish Your Own Market – Who am I competing with?
Lead Your Own Market – How will I get to the front of the pack?


Spread the Word – How will people find out about my work?
Harness Scarcity – How can I avoid being a human factory?
Exercise Your Skills – How will my product/service keep me on my creative edge?

You can also participate in “office hours” throughout the week to get feedback directly from your coaches and the rest of the team. This has been an invaluable source of support & guidance for our participants between calls.

“Your coaching has helped me to declutter my mind and find true meaning in how I serve in business and in life. I’ve raised my prices & have extra profit to invest in equipment & materials. I now have more respect for my skills, talent and time and those of others. I work less hours and enjoy more quality time with my friends, family and kayak.”
– Jeanette Walker, designer & proprietor of Jeanette Walker Jewellery

We’re ready to serve you.

Tara Gentile is a business strategist for entrepreneurs making a difference through commerce in the You Economy. She’s also the co-founder & Lab Director of Kick Start Labs, a microbusiness accelerator that teaches sound business principles through experimentation. No MBA required.

She’s been featured in US News & World Report, SXSW Interactive, The $100 Startup, and Grow Your Handmade Business. She is an expert business contributor for YFS Magazine and a regular contributor for DailyWorth, Design*Sponge, The Mogul Mom, and Etsy.

Adam King works and plays in the world of digital entrepreneurship. He’s the co-founder and Chief Mad Scientist at Kick Start Labs. He’s constantly experimenting with design & the human brain. In the lab, he’s mixing emerging tech, entrepreneurship, minimalism, and creativity to create resources that will kick start your business.

He’s been featured in the bestselling book Uncertainty, Men With Pens, Create Hype, Make Believe for Real, and the Heart of Business.

Got questions?

What if I’m just starting out? We applaud you for taking your business seriously. Now, this is no basic program. You should have a firm understanding of what you want to bring alive in the world. You may also need to put more time into researching & interviewing your potential customers or market. That’s cool. We’re here to help.

Is this a good investment for me? We wouldn’t offer it if it wasn’t. Truth. Launching your new product or service should cover the cost of this program on the first or second sale. Consider the lifetime of your new product or service and you can imagine the incredible ROI. And more bluntly, Tara’s brain costs $500 an hour for individual strategy sessions and Adam doesn’t offer any individual consulting.

How can I make time to participate? We’re busy people too. The thing is, the easiest way to get unbusy and free up time for innovative, creative work, is to embrace the Premium model. It’s up to you to free up time in the short term, we’ll help you free up time in the long term.

Is this actionable? Each week of the program includes concrete homework you’ll need to complete to work towards your goal. We will lay out the actions & best practices you need to maintain steady progress. You’re responsible for the self-trust necessary to do them.

Is this right for my business? That’s a good question. While we can’t ultimately answer that for you, we can tell you who will get the most from being in this class. If you’re an entrepreneur who has a solid personal brand and you’re looking for a way to reach that next level of clientele and position yourself and your work in a higher profit margin and be considered a premium player, then this is for you.

It’s time to level up.

Are you ready to go from getting by to thriving? Are you ready to be recognized as a leader and courted by customers? Are you ready to realize higher profit margins, truly great work, and incredible personal wealth?

You might not feel prepared. But I sense you are ready.

It’s time to surge ahead.

Registration is closed and the program is in session until early 2013.

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“Make Your Mark helped me clarify my vision of ‘Premium Megan’. Now that I completely understand my premium client, I’m creating products tailored to their needs. Since completing the program, I’ve published a book and inked a calendar for 2013 that will really rekindle their wonder.”
– Megan Eckman, author & illustrator of How to Outsmart Tea Pirates, creator of StudioMME